Data protection and data assurance

Jainam Technologies provides Data Protection & Data Assurance for Multi-cloud Systems Security covering Security operations Automation response. DP & DA provide certified specialists with security and privacy expertise and experience to help you understand risks to business-critical data. First Jainam Team pinpoints weaknesses, and then we help you develop an enterprise-wide data protection and Data Assurance strategy, the build sophisticated data protection and Data Assurance solutions, and maintain your environment with enterprise’s security.


Our consultants deliver projects of all sizes — from advisory workshops, assessments and tactical deployments to enterprise-wide solutions with full turnkey architecture design and technology implementation.

Technology served by Data Assurance and Data Protection team-

  • Backup and Recovery (Reduce complexity. Scale for growth)

  • Business Continuity (Defy disasters and outages. Keep your business running)

  • Storage Management (Cost-efficient agility and performance)

  • Information Governance (Empower decision-making with information insight)

  • Encryption solutions ( E-Mail, Gateway, File share, Whole Disk, File/Folder)

  • Multi-cloud Security & SOAR.

  • Hyper-Converged Servers.

  • Endpoint security.

  • Advanced threat protection