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Offensive and Defensive Security Team

An offensive team imitates real-world attacks that can hit a company or an organization, and they perform all the necessary steps that attackers would use. By assuming the role of an attacker, they show organizations what could be backdoors or exploitable vulnerabilities that pose a threat to their cyber security.

Offensive team offers critical benefits, including a better understanding of possible data exploitation and the prevention of future breaches. By simulating cyber-attacks and network security threats, companies make sure their security is up to par with the proper defences in place.

Defensive team in totality assesses network security and identifies any possible vulnerabilities and find ways to defend, change and re-group defense mechanisms to make incident response much stronger. Defensive team needs to be aware of the same malicious tactics, techniques and procedures in order to build response strategies around them. They’re continuously involved to strengthen the entire digital security infrastructure, using software like an Endpoint Systems Management, Privilege Access Management, Intrusion Prevention System etc.

Services provided by Offensive and Defensive Security Team-

  • IT Audit

  • VAPT

  • WAPT

  • Compliance

  • Endpoint & Server Management

  • IT Service Delivery

  • Asset Management

  • Service Desk

  • Privilege Account Management

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