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Secure Wired and Wireless Team

In this modern era, organizations greatly rely on computer networks to share information throughout the organization in an efficient and productive manner. Organizational computer networks are now becoming large and ubiquitous. Assuming that each staff member has a dedicated workstation, a large scale company would have few thousands workstations and many server on the network


Security solutions at Jainam Technologies is aimed to protect your business from unauthorized access to computers in your network. We provides firewall to protect your data from any malicious attacks and unexpected crises.


Today’s Network required a solution to support the company’s master plan for growth and to improve their liability to support Disaster Recovery requirements. That can be done by Ethernet Switches.


Securing a wireless network is even more important than securing a wired network as wireless networks are a powerful tool for boosting productivity and encouraging information sharing.


In Jainam Technologies India, aim as a Wired and Wireless team is to secure Network traffic like Web, DNS and Application etc from an unwanted users or malicious requests. Another aim of team is to secure the network traffic of customer’s organization.

Technology served by Secure Wired and Wireless team-

  • Anti-virus technology

  • Web Content filtering

  • Real-time security

  • Remote access

  • Regular reporting on network usage, threats, website access, updates, etc.

  • Ongoing administration and monitoring

  • Support for compliance requirements and standards

  • Reporting, monitoring, and alerting on wired and wireless networks.

  • real time visibility and control

  • comprehensive management and troubleshooting

  • wireless technology

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